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Your source for all OSHA / EPA Consulting, Compliance,  Industrial  Hygiene,  and Training

ACME Environmental Inc. was established 1994 in Albuquerque, NM to help the growing need for EPA, OSHA, Compliance & Training services.  ACME provides professional Industrial Hygiene & Training services to a wide spectrum of clients.  ACME has extensive knowledge in Asbestos, Mold, Lead, VOC's, PCB's, Total Dusts, etc.  ACME's field techs have sampled thousands of different work environments to determine amount of exposure, including bulk, air, and personnel sampling.  Our training department is very knowledgeable about OSHA, EPA, NMAC regulations.  We conduct training courses with plenty of hands on exercises to ensure confidence.  ACME's office staff is always willing to support and help find solutions todays high demand issues.  

Brett Engel -  is a Qualified Industrial Hygienist with over twenty-eight years’ experience in environmental, safety and health education and consulting services. He has a BS in Education and Geology. His experience includes design and oversight of projects in Asbestos, Hazardous Materials, Confined Space, Mold Remediation, and Lead-based Paint Operations. Additionally, he has significant experience in the design and implementation of training programs in Asbestos, Lead, Hazardous Waste Operations, and Indoor Air Quality, including mold, and has been a recognized
EPA Emergency Response Training Provider for the hazardous materials curricula for 26 years.


David Chavez - has over a decade of experience in the field as a Qualified Industrial Hygienist and an accredited asbestos inspector.  David has worked deep in the caverns in Carlsbad to the top of the Taos Bridge 800' in the air.  David has a background in safety compliance, accident investigations, and sampling.

Robert Gakin - has 2 decades experience qualified to train in topics such as all of the Asbestos disciplines through the state of Louisiana, HAZWOPER series (Tetratec), DOT 49 CFR, IATA (FAA in Oklahoma), OSHA 10 & 30, and all other OSHA small courses such as confined spaces, respiratory protection, BBP, etc.

Christina Martinez - has 2 decades experience in construction, office management, and financials. Christina is unparalleled when it comes to customer service and finding solutions for our clients.  

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